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Mayfield Gardens are here to discuss all your garden maintenance needs. Whether you have a regular or one off need, we are happy to help. With a wide range of services on offer from grass cutting, hedge trimming, planting and weeding to fence painting and patio cleaning we can carry out these tasks, so you don’t have to. Whether it be for your main home, rental or holiday property or a commercial property, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Grass Cutting & Lawn Care

In the growing season this can be a real chore. Mayfield Gardens can make this one less job for you.

Hanging Basket & Pot Planting

Let us create beautiful hanging baskets and pots for your enjoyment.

Planting & Weeding

Allow Mayfield Gardens to carry out the hard work, allowing you the opportunity to sit back and relax.

Patio Cleaning

Patios can become green and slippery throughout the winter. Mayfield Gardens can offer a cleaning service to make it an enjoyable place to sit and relax for the spring and summer.

Hedge Trimming

A well maintained hedge can improve and frame your property and garden, impressing all that see it.


An important job in the garden, to encourage healthy plants and shrubs. Mayfield Gardens are happy to discuss your requirements.

Leaf Clearing

Although Autumn is a colourful season, it brings plenty of leaves blowing around the garden. Mayfield Gardens can offer a service to collect and remove these.

Fence Painting

Painting the fence, can dramatically improve the look of the garden and act as a great backdrop to plants and shrubs. Allow us to carry this out in the colour of your choice.

Furniture Staining/Painting

Over time, patio furniture can appear tired. Why not give it a new lease of life and protect it from the weather by asking us to paint it.